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  • Type A rubber water-stop
Type A rubber water-stop

Type A rubber water-stop

  • Type A rubber water-stop
  • Product description: Type A rubber water-stop
A type of rubber water-stop features:
1. Walk the number of tank is buried in the hose.
2. The center hole on each side there are three processes of stare blankly.
3. Has the tearing resistance, good elasticity, aging resistance and abrasion resistance performance.
4. Has the ability to adapt to the deformation, good waterproof performance characteristics.

Type A rubber water-stop installation considerations:
1. The temperature range of the domestic regulations for 45 ℃ - + 60 ℃, when the temperature exceeds 70 ℃, or the strong oxidation or corroded by oil and other organic solvents, is not allowed to use rubber water-stop.
2. In the process of construction, the product must be fixed installation, avoid the displacement during concreting and guarantee the water stop in the correct position in concrete.
3. Rubber water-stop can't long time outdoor exposure, prevent the rain, do not contact with strong polluting chemicals. It's better to keep products should be stored places - 10 ℃ - + 30 ℃, relative humidity from 40% to 80%.
With order 4. Users should according to the engineering structure, the calculation length of good product design drawings, heterotypic structure should have the drawings, as far as possible will check hose connection into ? in the factory

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