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  • Rubber water-stop steel side
Rubber water-stop steel side

Rubber water-stop steel side

  • Rubber water-stop steel side
  • Product description: Rubber water-stop steel side
Steel and rubber water-stop features:
1. And excellent water resistance, acid and alkali resistance and aging resistance;
2. Strong self-adhesive; With high temperature in summer is not flowing, winter low temperature brittle;
3. The service life is long, non-toxic product itself, the characteristics of good to the environment.
Edge rubber water-stop steel structure is introduced:
1. The steel plate additional mounting holes connected to steel bar, fixation is not easy to displacement. Good bonding of galvanized steel and concrete, make better waterproof properties.
2. Stretch ratio of long wall as the plane, in construction of water stop in die clamp system interface is big, not easy dislocations;
3. The cross section structure of the thickness, strong and waterproof area, make each part of the uniform stress, and reasonable. Stretch ratio of long wall for plane, die clamp system during the construction of large contact area, not easy dislocations;

4. The steel and rubber check

Steel and rubber water-stop model and related parameters:
Type 1, BFGB (CR) - 380 using my company produces the rubber water-stop, width is 380 millimeter, materials for neoprene. Suitable for containing alkali wastewater such as seepage control projects, applicable temperature - 35 ~ 60 ℃.
Type 2, BFGB (NR) - 450 which our company produces the rubber water-stop steel edge, width is 450 millimeter, materials for natural rubber. Suitable for fresh water seepage control engineering, applicable temperature - 40 ~ 60 ℃.
3, FGB type (NBR), 350 - said by my company production of rubber water-stop, width is 350 millimeter, materials for nitrile rubber. Suitable for sewage containing oil base oil seepage control engineering, applicable temperature - 35 ~ 60 ℃.
Note: (CR) said neoprene; Nitrile rubber (NBR) said. Said neoprene (CR)
4, steel edge rubber water-stop technical indicators

1) constant pressure permanent deformation of 70 ℃

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