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Check the hose series

  • EVA water-stop
  • EVA water-stop
EVA water-stopEVA water-stop

EVA water-stop

  • EVA water-stop
  • EVA water-stop
  • Product description: EVA water-stop
A, product introduction:
Bailey is made up of PVC, EVA EVA resin, polyvinyl chloride (PVC),, with all sorts of add, through special production process and water sealing material made of.

Second, the product advantage:
1. The EVA water-stop has the features of corrosion resistance and good durability
2. EVA check hose material is the same as the material of EVA waterproof board, welding up quite strong, make the tunnel waterproof one step greatly improved
3. EVA water stop it with waterproof plate welding formed concrete structures to meet the water after the first check the water line. EVA water stop for seam deformation of concrete seepage prevention is very important.

Three, the product type:

In recent years the domestic waterproof board mainly divides into the kinds of EVA, the ECB, PE, HDPE and other kinds of material.

Four, the product scope of application:
1. The movement of the concrete building, shrinkage joint and construction seam.
2. The water retaining wall of the tunnel and sluice water retaining wall.
3. DAMS and reservoirs, sewage plant, shop.

Five, the product notice:
Selection of EVA check hose should be considered and lining concrete with waterproof plate welding, should choose the same as the molecular structure of waterproof board properties of EVA water-stop.

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