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  • PVC rubber water-stop
PVC rubber water-stop

PVC rubber water-stop

  • PVC rubber water-stop
  • Product description: PVC rubber water-stop
A, product introduction
1, product specifications: this product specification has a lot of, for example: 350 * 10350 * 8300 * 10300 * 8300 * 8300 * 4280 * 6.
2. PVC rubber water-stop calls "PVC hose" again, the main raw material of PVC PVC resin, with a certain proportion of the various additives, through multi-channel processes processed water-stop products.
3. Product features: PVC rubber water-stop make full use of the elastic properties of the resin in all kinds of construction played a seepage control, the characteristics of the leak proof.
4. Application: this product is mainly used in concrete pouring set within the construction joint and deformation joint and concrete form for the integration of basic engineering. For example, dam, culvert, tunnel, etc.
5, the product parameters: the tear strength; KN/m 25 or more; Elongation at failure % 240 or higher; The tensile strength; MPa or greater 10; The tensile strength, 12 MPa or greater; Standard ?

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