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Pipe joint use of cutting sleeve type has the matters needing attention

Pipe connector of cutting sleeve type has the characteristics of simple structure, convenient use and no welding, etc. But in high pressure hydraulic system, if improper operation often can cause leakage, affect the promotion of use.
Pipe connector of cutting sleeve type is mainly composed of 24 ° taper hole of the connector body, with a sharp blade inside card set of the gland nut and the compaction effect of three parts. Tighten nut, the card sets was in advance 24 ° taper hole and deform, the card sets of contact with the formation of spherical joints in the body cone sealing; At the same time, the card sets the inner edge of the walls of the embedded steel tube, the outer wall pressure out of a circular groove, thus reliable sealing effect. 20 # steel tube had better choose eliminating stress annealing drawing tube, this is advantageous to the card within the set of edge embedded steel pipe outside surface, reliable sealing effect.



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