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The processing technology of the hose

Press with mixer mixing the lining rubber, middle rubber formulation and outer glue; With extruder extrusion lining rubber hose, covered in paint soft core and hard core of the mold release agent (liquid nitrogenNo need to worry about freezing method can also be core); Calender pressed into the middle rubber sheet, winding and isolation agent according to the process requirement and cutting into regulation width; Will contain the inner tube core hose in the windAround the machine or knitting machine winding copper plating on steel wire or copper coated steel wire, at the same time in the winding machine or knitting machine will middle glue chip synchronous winding in every two layers of copper coated steel wire or platingCopper wire, coil wire at the beginning and the end of banding (some early winding machine need beforehand will be treated as copper coated steel wire for prestressed shape); Again in the extruderOn the coating on the outer rubber, and then wrapped lead sulfide or cloth cover; The vulcanizing tank or salt bath vulcanization; Finally down sulfide layer, spare tube core, withholdPipe joint, sampling on inspection.
All in all, high pressure hose used manufacturing equipment, raw material variety, complex production process. But in recent years with plastic or thermoplastic elastomer as the main raw material of hydraulic oil
Pipe production process can be simplified, but the raw material price is high, still give priority to with rubber raw materials. (according to the working experience in rubber research institute of contribution).



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