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Water swelling rubber water-stop

  • Water swelling rubber water-stop
  • Product description: Water swelling rubber water-stop
Working principle of the product:
In some large construction, unable to continuous casting, or due to the change of temperature or the weather or concrete reason of heat bilges cold shrink, cause deformation of foundation, need with deformation joints, deformation joints, construction joints, these cracks are need to install the hose. Encounter water swelling rubber water-stop can well solve the problem. He is by the water swelling rubber. Encounter water swelling rubber water-stop has many major projects in the country got very good application.

Product applications:
In all kinds of underground engineering, liquid structures, reservoirs, municipal water supply and drainage engineering, tunnel, culvert, underground facilities, building in a large number of application of bolt, plumbing pipes and all kinds of wall tube.

The advantage of the products

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