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Nylon series

  • Nylon collar
  • Nylon collar
Nylon collarNylon collar

Nylon collar

  • Nylon collar
  • Nylon collar
  • Product description: Nylon collar

Set, bearing, bearing
Made of nylon instead of bronze and babbitt all kinds of shaft sleeve, bearings, such as size, very widely used in engineering machinery.


(1) wear resistance, self-lubricating performance is good, in the current general thermoplastics has high PV value; Friction coefficient is small, impact resistance, not easy to hold shaft, sinter, and shaft neck; Lubrication cycle is long, reduce maintenance and bad environment adaptability is strong, long service life. Such as WK - 10 type excavator guy a balance wheel set, size from 200 x 200 x 160, traditionally ZQA19-4 was used for the material, because of work when dust is great, the lubrication conditions and bushing wear quickly. After using MC nylon, according to the compression strength of MC nylon, theoretical calculation of bearing load 288-345 - t, actual use load 140 t, the environment temperature outdoor make 40 and 42 ℃

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