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  • Trough idler
Trough idler

Trough idler

  • Trough idler
  • Product description: Trough idler
Groove type automatic self-aligning roller set scope of power plants, chemical fertilizer plants, mines, coal preparation plants, steel mills, saltworks, alkali factory, wharf, cement plants, Shi Liaochang all places of delivery, etc.
The performance characteristics of groove type roller:
1. Low operating costs: groove type roller can reduce the comprehensive cost of belt conveyor, reduce maintenance time.
2. The rotary center unit and frame seal, waterproof, dustproof function, easy to wash with water
: 3. The slot type roller ceramic surface oxide film formation, the surface is smooth, no adhesive materials, contact with the conveyor belt, small friction coefficient, reduces the lifting force.
4. Both sides didn't block roller, block roller and vertical roller line, the belt running deviation thrust completely accept correction.
5. Trough type roller hardness strong, high resistance to wear.
6. On both sides of the roller ?
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