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  • Rubber roller
Rubber rollerRubber roller

Rubber roller

  • Rubber roller
  • Rubber roller
  • Product description: Rubber roller
Product structure:
Surface by cold elastic rubber ring of drill string and the lock ring, buffer roller installed on the conveyor by section below. Rubber buffer roller spacing generally 100-100 mm. Roller is special polymer material light weight, weight is one 7 of the steel, roller is equipped with two seals, manufacturing high accuracy, gap within the special coated with grease.
Product features:
1. Wear coefficient is low, the proportion of small, easy to change, and low noise, stable running, rubber roller is more suitable for the production conditions of working environment.
2. Used in erosive, service life can reach 5 times more than ordinary roller.
3. Light, small rotating inertia.
4. Superior anti-corrosion performance.
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