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Roller series

  • Parallel to the roller
Parallel to the roller

Parallel to the roller

  • Parallel to the roller
  • Product description: Parallel to the roller
Product model type:
According to the shape classification: 1. The spiral parallel roller (2) parallel steel type rubber roller (3) the comb type parallel roller 4. Ordinary parallel roller 5. Forward type parallel roller
According to the material classification: nylon roller, rubber roller, ceramic roller, roller insulation
According to the position classification: parallel roller, roller on parallel, parallel roller group, under the parallel roller.
Product structure:
1. The bearing with high qualified steel plate stamping only
2. The roller skin material selected, USES the high quality special welded pipe, the quality meet the national standards.
3. The shaft material use cold drawn round steel.
Product advantage:
Advantage a, roll service life is long. Rotating small resistance, good strength, low energy consumption, light weight, small amount of meridional jump and not easy to wear a belt, low friction coefficient, high wear resistance.
Advantage 2 ?
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