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Take the corresponding measures to prevent pipe joint leakage

In the hydraulic system, metal pipe joints, or hose connection, are prone to leakage problems. For pipe connector of cutting sleeve type, mostly because of the pipeline was larger or impact force, make the card set loose or tube ends deformation caused by the leak, should check whether card sets of lost, at this time of blade with and without defects, the pipe are in good condition and the compaction degree of card sleeve nut, etc., as well as eliminating pipe external force. For flaring type pipe joint, mostly because of excessive flaring, quality unsatisfactory or disassemble for many times, which causes the deformation or crack flaring leak, the front end can be cut for a flaring again. If you use a male female cone roof pressure seal, the leakage is mostly due to injury, to the two cone available grinding sand grinding was carried out on the cone. 



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